Computers and Internet Access

Public Computers/Printing & Copying Services

The Ashland Public Library has 18 computers available for public use. All 18 computers have internet access and Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word). 

These computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis; no reservations are taken in advance. The Internet access computers are available to members and visitors. Computers require users to agree to the library’s Internet Use & Safety Policy. As needed, a PIN may be required and is available at the Service Desk. Staff at the Service Desk can assist with the sign-in procedures. 

Black and white printing is available on letter sized paper for 25 cents a page. Color prints are available for 40 cents per page. Patrons are responsible for all pages printed during their time on the computer – even “goofs”. Patrons are encouraged to ask for help from library staff before printing to avoid wasting paper and money. Faxing and scanning services are also available to the public.

Flash drives and other storage media can be used on the computers. Installation of programs or new software onto library computers is prohibited.

As a courtesy to other library users, patrons are asked to use headphones for websites or software that have music or other sounds. Headphones are available for use, or patrons may bring their own.

Library staff can provide some technical assistance, but cannot offer in-depth personal instruction in the use of a personal computer or software applications. Library staff can assist with finding appropriate websites, finding information on web pages, and give basic instructions for navigating the Internet and using web-based forms. Library staff will not fill out web/print applications or forms for patrons.

If you have questions about the public access computers, please contact the library at 419-289-8188.

Children’s Computers

The Youth Services Department offers 2 Nabi tablets and 3 AWE Learning computers that have games and other activities that are geared toward younger patrons.

Computer use is limited to one hour if other patrons are waiting. There is no Internet access available on these computers.

If you have questions about the children’s computers, please contact the library at 419-289-8188.

Wi-Fi Access

The Ashland Public Library offers wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access free of charge, with no guarantee and no warranty. This service is available during the hours the library is open.

Patrons will need to provide their own equipment which includes a laptop or suitable PDA equipped with an IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g wireless network card. Newer laptops have wireless cards built-in. For most others, a compatible card can be purchased at computer stores.

Patrons will need to enter the password connected to use the wireless service. Staff at the Service Desk can assist with the sign-in procedure.

Communications over a wireless network are less secure than through a hard-wired network. Information sent from or to a laptop can be captured by anyone with a wireless device and appropriate software within approximately three hundred feet. It is recommended that patrons do not use such a network to transmit personal, financial, legal or other sensitive information. The wireless service is used entirely at the risk of the owner.

Laptops and other electronics should NOT be left unattended. The Ashland Public Library assumes no responsibility for any laptop or other device left unattended.


Mobile Printing Service

Mobile printing has arrived! Send print jobs directly from your home computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even email account to the library’s print release station and pick it up within 24 hours.