Strategic/Tactical Plan

The Ashland Public Library understands that libraries, along with a wide range of other service and retail organizations, are facing tougher, more numerous challenges than ever before. Our funding model is changing we are moving from a state funded system to a greater dependence on local funding, and therefore we are more concerned about our voters. Our competition is changing and growing. In many libraries, our circulation figures and foot traffic have plateaued or are decreasing. How do we respond to these trends?


The Board of Trustees and Management Team have identified strategic changes that the Ashland Public Library will implement to meet these challenges. These decisions are fundamental, directional, and overarching. They will be used to guide the organization over the next two years, and influence Ashland Public Library’s service, marketing, hiring and training decisions. The tactical decisions, made by the Management team and their staff, will affect the day-to-day implementation of the strategic decisions. Having well thought out strategic decisions and clearly articulated tactical decisions is important to have success in any organization.